My name is Haley. I'm not from Oklahoma, but I've lived here for over ten years now. People still regularly make comments like, "well, you're not an actual Oklahoman…" After a recent discussion about this, it was decided by a panel of experts (friends + booze) that I could become an Oklahoman by engaging in a number of Oklahoma related activities.

So, I'm going to do 100 things that people from Oklahoma might do. My roommate, Jonathan, is going to help document my adventures. This may or may not end well.

Here's the thing: I need your help to decide what sort of "Oklahoma" things to do. The more suggestions something gets, the larger it will appear in the tag cloud below, meaning I'm more likely to have to do things like -- let's just be realistic here because you guys are jerks -- stick my hand into the mouth of a live catfish.

FAQs: No, I'm not going to kill anything. No, I'm not going to do meth.

so far:

After hiking the Wichitas, go to Meers for a Meersburger Alabaster Caverns Amtrak Heartland Flier attend a cattle auction Attend a monster truck rally. Attend a rattlesnake roundup. attend a rodeo attend a salvage/repo auction Attend a Toby Keith concert. Become a Thunder Cheerleader or Super-Fan BLACK MESA blue whale! bo bo's chicken Boat on Lake Eufaula Buy live bait from a vending machine calf fries chase a tornado Check out the Great Salt Flats CHEWING TOBACCO! Conquer Mt. Scott. cow tipping crawdad fishing, of course!!! With bacon...totally oklahoman! crawfish boil Cruise Route 66. Dance in a powwow Dig for crystals at Salt Plains Do a ridealong with the OKCPD. Do a shopping mall trip with the Southside Locos. Do some target practice in your backyard dress up for the norman medieval fair drink 3.2% beer and LIKE IT!!! drink homemade wine Drive out of state for six-point Budweiser Dye clothes with lake water eat an entire deep fried pie Eat at Toby Keith's eat chicken fried steak and eggs for breakfast with a mountain of gravy and tabasco eishcen's Enter and win the Noodling Queen Pagent at the Okie Noodling Festival in Paul's Valley FLY A KITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! frog giggin' Gain 147 lbs. gamble away the rent $ at a Casino get a conceal/carry license Get a gnarly farmer tan. Get a state license.. I mean that's pretty hard to argue against.. Get a sunburn at the lake. Get a VPO on a family member. get checked for tics Get drunk and make out with randoms. Get fake nails, red ones. Get married and divorced in the same month get pregnant get prego at Falls Creek Church Camp, then allow doctors to psychologically torture before giving you the "OK" to abort. Get your photo on people of Wal Mart. Ghost Hunting! Go camping! Go fishing Go for a pop at Pop's. Go line dancing. Go meet Murv Jacob at his gallery in Tahlequah Go muddin'! Go on the trolley tour in Guthrie go rock climbing Go spelunking. Go to a local high school football game just cause you live in the district and eat friyo chili pie while you are there. Go to a rodeo Go to a rodeo- in daisy dukes and cowgirl boots.. go to a thunder game Go to Braum's and order at least a 1/4 burgers with fries and either a milkshake or a glass of their whole milk. Yuk! go to Skulls Unlimited / Museum of Osteology Go to the Golden Dragon in Lawton. go to the lazy e Go to the Panhandle Go to the Winchester drive-in for all 3 movies, while sneaking someone in in the trunk Go to "the lake". Which refers to any lake in OK. And find that lake's party spot. Go "mudd'n" Hang out with Sebastian Hanson Concert Harvest some calf testicles for dinner Have lunch with Sally Kern. Heartland Flyer Hide out in Robbers Cave Hike in the Witchitas Hunt animals while drinking moonshine Jam with the Flaming Lips. jenks aquarium Karaoke in Arcadia lasso mailboxes from the back of a truck Learn to drive a big rig. learn to salsa Let Xenobia tie you up live in a trailer park, but break your lease. make an exciting trip to "the city" to shop at sams club and eat at cracker barrel make fun of people that go noodling make out with cody ingram Make squirrel jerky. make stew from roadkill Manufacture methamphetamine INSIDE a Wal Mart. map out all the dry counties Marry me :( Meers burger memorize all of the Oklahoma University title championships move out of Oklahoma only to return within a year. Move to New York mud. wrestle. Mullet. Murder Mystery Hotel in Guthrie Noodling okc zoo okcrocks Only drink PBR and pay in quarters Pan handle on 23rd & penn Participate in a Civil War reenactment pick & eat mulberries pick wild blackberries Play bass for Captain Eyeball. play corn hole Post a viral youtube of your tortoise. Pretend to like the Flaming Lips price tower! properly pronounce Eufaula,Gotebo, Okemah,Waurika, Weleetka, Wewoka, Wetumka and Chickasha put a delapidated lazy-boy recliner on your front porch raft the Illinois River raise chickens remove mom and you all from your vocab and replace them with MA and YALL ride a bull. A real one. Ride a horse Ride a mechanical bull at a dive bar. ride the dunes at Little Sahara Shoot a BIG GUN, little lady! Shooting competition Spirit Quest! start a business Start calling Jonathan your lovely assistant Tailgate an OU game. take 66 all the way through ok tour Sparks winery tour tres suenos winery Tribbey rattlesnake round up Turner Falls Use an old bathtub, toilet, wagon, or tire as a planter in your front yard Visit an oil rig visit an oklahoma coop farm! VISIT THE BLUE WHALE Visit the buffalo at Lawton. visit the Express Clydesdales Visit the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Vote republican. walk on the railroad tracks between two small towns watch a guthrie gunfight wear jeans to a wedding Work on an oil and gas drill site YODEL You could go SELL something as a "vendor" at Mary's Swap Meet, NE 23 & Midwest Blvd. It would be a great venue for video.